Q. Why go on a brewery tour in Fort Collins?
A. Fort Collins is the largest beer producer in the state of Colorado, brewing 70% of Colorado's beer!

Q. Are there any requirements for taking a tour?
A. You must be 21 with valid ID to take a tour. 

Q. Are there any requirements before boarding the shuttle?
A. Yes, everyone must sign a Liability Waiver, show ID and wear a wristband or stamp for the tour. The Liability Waiver will be provided in your confirmation email when you book your tour, so your group can sign and bring it with you to the tour.

Q. How far in advance can we book?
A. Tours booked online must be booked at least 14 days in advance. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a tour within the 14 day window. We will try our best to accommodate your group, based on the availability of transportation and the brewery representatives.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. If cancelled 15 days or more before your scheduled tour date, half of your package price will be refunded and half will be credited towards a rescheduled tour within the following 3 months.  If cancelled 14 days or less before the scheduled tour date, the tour is nonrefundable. 

Q. Where will you pick up our group?
A. We will pick-up/drop-off your group at one specified location, e.g., your business, hotel, home, etc. Location must be in Larimer County for the package price. (There is an additional charge for out of area service. Please contact us for a quote prior to booking).

Q. How many people can you take on a tour?
A. We can accommodate 8-13 people, depending on the tour. Our limit for the VIP Friday tour is 10. We can accommodate up to 20 for standard tours and larger numbers for special events. Please contact us for a customized quote for groups larger than 13. 

Q. What is a Taster?
A. A Taster is a sample glass of beer, typically 4-5 oz. The breweries offer three-five Tasters per person, usually showcasing their signature beers and sometimes a specialty beer. Cheers United and/or the breweries select the styles of beer. Styles and number of tasters may vary.

Q. Are we allowed to purchase additional beer at the breweries?
A. Yes, in addition to your included Tasters, you are welcome to purchase additional beers at the breweries on your own Tab. Please tip your Beertenders.

Q. Will water be provided?
A. Yes, to help stay hydrated during the tour, in Northern Colorado's high altitude/arid climate, we provide bottled water in the van. Please feel free to bring your own water, if you would like more. In addition, most breweries provide complimentary water coolers.

Q. Do the breweries provide food?
A. Most of the breweries we visit do not serve food, since they are simply beer tasting rooms. Some breweries have snacks for purchase and some will have food trucks in their parking lot. Most breweries allow outside food and snacks. Cheers United provides 

Q. Can we eat food in the van?
A. Yes, you may eat on the shuttle.

Q. Can we drink alcohol in the van?
A. Yes, you may BYOB and drink on the shuttle! We provide a small cooler for take-home beer and there is plenty of room to bring your own coolers.

Q. Can we play our own music on the van?
A. Yes, there is a sound system with bluetooth to enjoy your own music from your cell phone/Ipod.

Q. What if someone in my group has too much to drink and can't drive home?
A. Please ask your host if you need assistance getting home and we will call a Taxi. Please plan ahead, so you get home safely. 

Q. Is there a bathroom in the van?
A. No, please remember to use the bathroom before leaving the breweries. 

Q. Should we tip our tour host and driver?
A. It is at your discretion to tip your tour host and driver, but tips are certainly appreciated for a great experience.

Q. Can we choose the breweries we visit?
A. Yes. Please check the Tours section to view the list of package options. If you are interested in a different combination of breweries or a brewery not listed, please contact us prior to booking. 

Q. Can we book a tour on a Saturday or Sunday or for a different time slot?
A. Yes. Please contact us directly for availability, based on brewery staff schedules. We can certainly take you to the breweries, keeping in mind that weekends/evenings are busy times. We cannot guarantee our weekday afternoon special treatment of reserved tables, behind-the-scenes tours and talks. 

Q. Do you offer other event options, in addition to brewery tours?
A. Yes. We arrange a variety of special beer pairings; Rebel Popcorn, Cheese, Cupcakes, Tacos etc. We can also coordinate a special event for you at other breweries, wineries or distilleries in Northern Colorado. Please contact us for a quote!