Cheers United owner


Cheers United started in 2016 as a service to unite business professionals for team outings, where they learn about brewery history and toast to their success with Fort Collins area's most famous liquid refreshment, beer!

While coordinating department events at a local company, our founder and special events director, Kaarina Robson brainstormed each time to come up with something fun and new for the team to do together. She recognized a need for a different type of adventure for business groups, that took the pain of planning off the table. She partners with twelve Northern Colorado Breweries to bring a special private experience for your group at each stop.

We are excited to showcase some of the newer and smaller amazing breweries that many people may not have heard of, or had a chance to try yet, in Northern Colorado.

Please contact us if one of our pre-planned packages does not fit your needs. We will organize a special event at a partner brewery for you!

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